Tom Tanqueray

The roadbike riding epilepsy warrior and vintage lover who is rocking a very serious stache from Brighton, UK

Tell us who you are Tom

Whats your Name?
→ Tom Tanqueray

Where are you from ?
→ Brighton, UK

What is the Skill you want to tell the people they could ask you for help with?
→ Epilepsy Warrior, Sock Expert!

What are your social accounts?
→ Instagram: GoodTom14

What type of Bike Rider are you, what bikes are you Riding?
→ Aspiring puncheur around the South Downs National Park and along the blustery south coast. Currently riding – Triban RC 500 Disc Sora and a souped up 70’s unbranded road bike with a gearset to tackle some decent hills

What other things you want to tell the world?
→I’m epileptic and suffer daily with anxiety – cycling is a great way for me to clear my head, keep healthy and get the adrenaline running in a constructive way.

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The Interview

Is cycling your Passion or just a good way to commute?
→ Definitely an ever-growing passion. Due to my health, I am limited as to what sports I can take part in – not that cycling was bottom of the pile! I love a solidarity ride in the countryside, weaving in and out of traffic along coast roads to a coffee shop and sweaty spin classes with a strong playlist.

Do you think the cycling culture is something special?
→ Cycling culture is also fascinating to me. I love the aesthetics  (the vintage jerseys  and caps – I have many) to the language of cycling – it is quite distinct from any other sport. I’ve been lucky enough to see the TDF twice over the past decade and shared conversations with some of my heroes – Cav, Boassen Hagen and Kwiato.

You told me you use to ride your bike to improve your mental health and effects of epilepsy (and medicine), please tell us about it?
→ I have suffered with my mental health since my teens and have found myself in some dark places over the years. Managing my anxiety is an ongoing journey and finding new ways to alleviate it beyond relying on my daily medication is no mean feat. I find cycling a time in which I can genuinely switch off and experience adrenaline in a constructive way. I am also Epileptic, discovering my diagnosis 3 years ago, after having a seizure in a comic book shop. This has meant more seizures, medicine and side effects. Cycling has been a real escape through all this.

Are you going to Race, or have you ever Raced?
→ I have never raced but never say never.

What’s your goal for this season?

→ I am cycling London to Paris in July this year for Parkinson’s UK to raise money for research. My Dad has Parkinson’s and it has a profound impact on the whole family. More generally, I want to be cycling further (100km+ regularly) and visiting new places with my bike at

Please help Tom with his Fundraising for Parkinson’s UK

What are you doing besides cycling?
→ I work as a community engagement officer within a local council – I support local communities make their ideas become a reality. I also chair the local council’s disabled workers forum. Outside of work I enjoy trawling through vintage shops and definitely enjoy a decent Belgian beer – my favourite is De Konninck currently.

What’s the best Moment you ever had while riding your bike?
→ You can’t beat the first ride on a new bike.

Thank you so much Tom for telling us your cycling story and for being part of the cyclepunks collective, we would love to hear more stories of your adventures soon!

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