Lars Vegas

Forever Two Wheels. Lars is a die hard Rider straight from Hell or a little south german Town called Ulm. He Rides Roadbikes, Motorcycles and Scooters and is a real Cyclepunk.

Tell us who you are Lars

Whats your Name?
→ My name as used in all my social Media and by friends in real life is Lars Vegas

Where are you from ?
→ Since about 3 years I live in Ulm, southern Germany

What is the Skill you want to tell the people they could ask you for help with?
→ Skill? I can do everything but nothing well. But I try until I can. I wrench on motorcycles and scooters try to keep my old house from tumbling down and I’m a complete music nerd.
Mostly all genres that are associated with guitars from hardcore to progressive rock from the 60s and seventies (I adore Pink Floyd and I love Kvelertak and Rancid….guess that describes it best. In a better life I’d own a record store and could listen, talk and look at music all day long

What are your social accounts?
→ Instagram: Lar5_Vega5 and I have a motorcycle associated Instagram site called Motorcycle Enthusiasts where I post random motorcycle crap. Nothing big. 

What type of Bike Rider are you, what bikes are you Riding?
→ I don’t ride races (yet). I ride for my self as a kind of Meditation and challenge with myself. Mostly I ride my KLEIN QUANTUM PRO. The frame is from the 90s and most of the components are from an old cube from the 2000s. 
Then I got an Old KOGA MIYATA ROADWINNER from 1979 in great shape which I saved from the trash and built up this winter. 
I got a KONA ROVE which I mostly use for commuting 
And I got a beautiful CANNONDALE BAD BOY with lefty forks which i should definitely ride more

What other things you want to tell the world?
 My doors are always open

wrenching the motorcycle in the garage
Motorcycle workshop

The Interview

I saw that one of your big passions is riding an awesome motorcycle, often motorcycle riders hate cyclists, but you’re also a cyclist and thats awesome, how did you become a rider in general?
→ Guess I started as a child with riding bicycles. But that wasn’t a passion. You know, you have to or you have to walk. When I was 16 my dad built me my first motorcycle (which I crashed later). He was so into motorcycles and I guess he gave me the same virus.

Did you started as a Motorbike Rider or a Cyclist first?
→ I came to riding bicycles later over my brother Patrick who is into it already for a long time. I got the KLEIN frame from him. I can relate to both, bicycles and motorcycles. I love riding on two wheels no matter with or without engine.

My credo is forever two wheels and I think that counts for both. I never heard before that motorcyclists hate cyclists. I experienced that car drivers hate both. So I think the most important thing is to give respect and get respect. Take care of one another. Not only in traffic…everywhere. 

Punk rock or not to punk rock?
→ Punkrock, but hardcore, progressive, soul, blues, stoner and other stuff, too. As long as it got a soul I’m in. Be open and not close minded.  Never Bro, never!

Do you already have Cycling tattoo 😀 ?
→ I have a lot but nothing related to cycling. I have a big winged when and a FTW (forever two wheels) under it. Does that count?

Tattoos all over
Fuck Yeah

What is your Goal for this season?
→ Definitely ride more. Maybe try a triathlon. We’ll see. 

What are you doing besides Cycling?
→ Spending time with my children. Work too much. Riding and building motorcycles and Vespas. Getting tattooed. Collecting vinyl. 

What’s the best Moment you ever had while riding your bike?
→ In summer, when I finished the nightshift at 6 in the morning, riding the longer way back home in the fog and the sun blazes trough it. Unbelievable. 

Thanks a lot Lars for telling us your cycling story and for being part of the cyclepunks collective, we would love to hear more stories of your adventures soon! I hope we will have Beer someday!

Ride On

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