How to become a Member of the Cyclepunks Collective

We’re a Instagram based Community. You may ask what it takes to become a member of the cyclepunks collective. Here are some requirements:


  1. At first we have to accept you as a Member, just ask us via DM on Instagram and we will curate your content and give you an answer.
  2. You have to be a cyclist or being active in the cycling space and this have to be shown on your Instagram profile.
  3. You need a non private profile, or provide us good cycling pictures we can share to introduce you to our audience. (If you want to stay private, keep in mind that no other member can see your content)
  4. You have to allow us to share your Content on our Feed and Stories.
  5. You have to try to make as good as possible pictures and/or videos and tell your detailed stories in your photo descriptions.
  6. When we accepted your application to become a Member: you need to show that you’re a member and for other members to recognize you please put “Member of into your Bio. (We will share your profile only if you do that).
  7. Share that you’re a Member and tag us in it, also you can use the hashtag #cyclepunkscc under your new cycling related pictures/videos.
  8. Follow our Page , and like what you like.
  9. We don’t allow any kind of Bullshit like racism , fascism, sexism, homophobia, hate-speech, violence.

All Cyclists Are Beautiful

If you are cool with that please tell us, feel free to ask us anything.

Cyclepunks Collective Become a Member
Cyclepunks Collective Become a Member


We act as a community who support each other, we as Page are going to share pictures and stories where we’re tagged in. If you want to benefit from this community please give some love back with:

1. a look at our Members and give everyone you like a follow and support them by linking and commenting on their content.
2. Write with them when you’re interested in their content.
3. Try to improve your Content style by asking other Members how they do their nice Pictures.
4. Visit this website and read interviews of our featured members.
5. Follow us on Facebook, Join our Strava Club, Listen to our playlists on spotify or apple music
6. Follow our founder Jay on Instagram -> @cyclepunk

We also sell some Merch to run our cost for all this work with this project and buy beer… Please visit our SHOP if you’re interested in supporting us with buying Stickers, T-Shirts or Merchandise. You can also follow our Merch Shop on Instagram @cyclepunks

Ride On! & have a nice day!

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