Zimmermann who has build Velodromes around the world. Crit racer for @s.o.r.e_team. and proud father who’s carrying his son in a cargo bike.


Tell us who you are Ede

Whats your Name?

Where are you from ?
→ Actually Düsseldorf, Germany

What skills do you have?
→ Crit-Racer, Fixed Rider, Drugfree Youth Kid, Hardcore kid, Proud Dad

What are your social accounts?
→ Instagram: Ede_Blaumeise and Strava: Ede Blaumeise

What type of Bike Rider are you, what bikes are you Riding?
→ My Steelbuddies are a Roadbike for long distance, training and grouprides. A Trackbike for racing and training on the Velodrome. Another fixed gear bike for shredding the streets and a custom build Bullitt Cargo Bike for rides with my little son.

What other things you want to tell the world?
 Shut the F*** up and ride!

The Interview

Since when you are into serious cycling and fixed gear Racing?
→ I started the cycling game at the end of 2015 with an old steel roadbike. After a Couple of Weeks i was building my first trackbike and fell in love with it. I rode my first race in 2018 (Fixed42), after that experience i was full in.

I saw you are a Zimmermann with Meisterbrief and build a cycling race track in Jakarta, this was super interesting to watch. Please tell us how it was to do that, and you get the opportunity to go there?
→ I worked with the profession of Roofer and Carpenter since 2005. In Germany we have the Tradition of Wanderschaft, so i decided to go on this journey to learn different work skills around the World.
In 2013 i met a craftmans company from Germany, they build Velodromes for years and around the world. Spontaneous i had the opportunity to build a Velodrome in France near Pairs with these guys. At this point i was in the game. i used to build more Velodromes with this Company and also the latest in Jakarta.

What are your goals and races for year 2020?
→ I am going to race many german fixed crits and maybe in Switzerland and Belgium but my biggest adventure and Challenge is going to be the Maurice Brocco 400. It’s an ultracycling event with 400km to ride with 4000meters elevation in 24 Hours.

Since you’re a dad, has it an effect on your riding without breaks? Are you riding more carefully?
→ The day i became a Father was the best moment in my life! So many feelings around me and in my hands this tiny boy, incredible! And Yes i am riding more carefully. Now I wear a Helmet every time i ride and look more left and ride! I still ride without Brakes but not that aggressive anymore 😉

Are you riding other Bikes besides Track Bikes?
→ For Training for the long distance i used my Roadbike, and for the Father and Son time i ride a Bulitt Cargo Bike.

Thanks a lot Ede for telling us your cycling story and for being part of the cyclepunks collective, we would love to hear more stories of your adventures soon!

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