Fixed Gear/Roadbike Crit Racer Father of two Cats and Punkrock/Hardcore Music Lover.
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Tell us who you are Dom

Whats your Name?

Where are you from ?
→ I’m from Neuss that’s a small Town next to Düsseldorf, Germany

What are your social accounts?
→ Instagram: Domi_Nik666 and member of

What type of Bike Rider are you, what bikes are you Riding?
→ As i said I’m a Crit Racer. Most of the Season I participate in Fixed Gear Crits allover Europe. I ride 3 Bikes. A roadbike for Training, a Trackbike for Races and a Fixed Gear to shred the Streets.

What other things you want to tell the world?
 Live every Day like it’s your last and don’t care what other people think or say about you and your way of living. Enjoy Life!!!

Pushing hard at Waterkant Krit in Hamburg

The Interview

I saw you the first time at the Waterkant Krit in Hamburg, and followed you since then on social media. You are a die hard fixed Crit Racer with a massive amount of Kilometers you’ve done last year. Very Impressive. What force in your life drives you into doing that?
→ That was nothing that I’ve planned. I’m always motivated to train hard. You know….. I started racing pretty late. Right now I’m 41 and I started just 4 Years ago. I’ve always made Progress over the Season. From year to year my results getting better and better, and that is what motivates me.

What Races are you going to complete in 2020?
→ For 2020 i’ve planned to race the NL Crit Series, Waterkant Krit in Hamburg, Eastsiders Crit in Strassburg, maybe the Sunshine Crit, a few Roadbike Crits in my Area and of course the Race that me and my Team are hosting.

We wrote a lot of times about music and we got a very similar taste in Punk, Hardcore, Metal etc. Do you think fixed gear racing is very punk rock driven?
→ It’s definitely Punkrock and that’s what attracted my on First sight. Even if most of the People are not listening to that kind of Music , the Vibe and Attitude is it absolutely. There is a lot of DIY Stuff going on and everybody is more relaxed and chilled than in roadbike races. That’s why I prefer Fixed Gear.

I saw you have done some modeling for with Lise Visser, how was that day?
→ That was pretty cool. Lise is such a lovely Person and Felix the Photographer as well. I’ve never done that before but it felt totally comfortable from the first Shot,.and I really love the Paria Stuff.

What was the best Cycling Experience you ever had?
→ Last Summer I did 420km in one ride. Through Sun, Rain and Storm. That was a tough one but I like to challenge myself.

Do we have Beers on the Next Waterkant Krit?
→ For Shizzle, Homie 😀

Thanks a lot Dominik for telling us your cycling story and for being part of the cyclepunks collective, we would love to hear more stories of your adventures soon!

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