Playlists for Spotify/Apple Music

A lot of you asked us to release all upcoming playlists for spotify. So we did. Some told us that they can’t find them on spotify via search. So here are all the links to our Workout Playlists.

cyclepunks 100+ Watts Playlist
cyclepunks 100+ Watts
Spotify / Apple Music



cyclepunks 200+ Watts Playlist
cyclepunks 200+ Watts
Spotify / Apple Music

Punk/Punkrock/Skatepunk/Oldschool Punk
cyclepunks 300+ Watts Playlist
cyclepunks 300+ Watts
Spotify / Apple Music

Stoner/ Stoner Metal, Prog Metal
cyclepunks 400+ Watts Playlist
cyclepunks 400+ Watts
Spotify / Apple Music

cyclepunks 500+ Watts Playlist
cyclepunks 500+ Watts
Spotify / Apple Music

Deathcore/ Blackmetal/Deathmetal/Djent/Grindcore

All these Playlists are getting updates from time to time, the tracklists will atEfbet change over time!

Ride On my friends!


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