Cyclepunks Crew

In 2023 we’ve taken the next step with Cyclepunks after its humble start with one shirt design in 2020. Founded in the midst of the pandemic, we added more designs and widened our product palette over the years. Until recently we had help from dropshippers, but as off now everything at Cyclepunks is managed by ourselves. The Cyclepunks Crew consists of two people: married couple Jay who founded the brand and illustrator Jonna.

Cyclepunks is and always has been a small family business. In spring we left Hamburg – our hometown – behind and moved to Oldenburg, a small city in North-West Germany. Moving gave us more space and the opportunity to set up our own storage for Cyclepunks. Packing orders and shipping is now in our own hands.

Cyclepunks Jay & Jonna
Cyclepunks Crew Jay & Jonna

At Cyclepunks we make apparel for the non-conforming punks of cycling. We are not interested in where you come from or what you do. We resist the standard, we’re shredding the streets, bombing up the hills, and always pushing watts. We take a clear stand against discrimination of any kind. As cyclists we’re united around the world and reclaim our streets.

We at Cyclepunks are taking a clear stand against racism, fascism, sexism, homophobia, body-shaming, hate-speech, violence and discrimination of any kind. With our brand we try to unite and connect all cyclists around the world.

All Cyclists Are Beautiful.

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