Calvin Hui

The stylish roadcyclist, motorcycle rider and talented video visual effects artist from from Vancouver, Canada.

Tell us who you are Calvin

Whats your Name?
→ Calvin Hui

Where are you from ?
→ I’m from Toronto but now live in Vancouver

What is the Skill you want to tell the people they could ask you for help with?
→ I work as a full time visual effects/ VFX artist, and I’m thrilled about Film & Videography. But in school I studied Architecture and I’m passionate aboutDesign

What are your social accounts?
Instagram: Calvinhui_ Strava: Calvin Hui

What type of Bike Rider are you, what bikes are you Riding
→ I’m a road cyclist at heart, but my friends have been trying to convince me to try mountain biking. I ride a Trek Speed Concept 2.5 for long distance & BMC Teammachine SLR02 for everyday road

What other things you want to tell the world?
→ Don’t be afraid to dream bigger, never give up on yourself. And always remember to seize the day!

View over Toronto

The Interview

Why are you cycling?
→ I was born with congenital heart defect (heart murmur) at birth, and since I was young my doctor told me that I would never be able to take on anything active based on the severity of my heart condition. Against all odds, I always tired to make a conscious effort to up keep my personal health starting with Jogging. I did that for about a year and a half until I suffered for a lot of join pain and discomfort around my lower knee area. Eventually, I couldn’t up keep it, and took on cycling as a new hobby. And now I ride for a lot of charity events, such as the ‘ride for heart’ for the HSF foundation. I try to give back to those who are less fortunate than I am with similar health conditions as myself. It truly motivates me to do better and tests myself in every way, and that is my definition of passion. 

When did cycling become your passion?
→ About 3 years ago, I decided to borrow my cousin’s bike to get out of the city and explore nature on a fine afternoon. After that, I discovered a new passion.

Do you feel like the cycling community is something special?
→ Absolutely, its a great forum to learn about new things and get each other hyped about new events, gears and places to ride. I personally watch a lot of GCN myself, and everyone on that channel is very presentable in many ways. Cycling itself has a certain prestige to it, that one can only understand once they get into the sport.

Have you ever visited or rode your bike in Europe?
→ I’ve visited parts of Italy and France in the past, and I’m absolutely in love with the cities and culture. I’ve never rode in Europe before, but would love to in the future.

Are you going to Race, or have you ever Raced?

→ I’ve never been in a race before. Although, It’s not so much as race for me, but an achievement to accomplish, just finishing the race is good enough for me at the point.

We saw you got an incredible Race Motorcycle, what was the fastest mph you ever drove in your life?
→ Haha, that is something I might not be able to discuss……… Next question 🙂 

Riders on the Storm In Frame Calvin Hui & Aaron Chamberland @lepunksavant . Photos by Sophie Chamberland @twochambz

What’s your goal for this season?
→ I’ve got my eye on the RBC GranFondo 2020 happening here in Vancouver/ Whistler. Super excited for that, 120km of pure Canadian scenery and fresh air. I also want to do more group rides in general, as I think it would be great to help me push more that 3,000km this year.

You are a video effects and special effects artist, can you show us your work? This is Super Interesting.
→ Thank you. Yes, I recently finished a feature film name code 8. You can find the trailer on my Instagram  Other than that, you may find my full demo reel at . 

What’s the best Moment you ever had while riding your bike?
→ So many! But a funny encounter that I had, happened this one time I was cycling at night. I accidentally crashed into a girl and ended up getting a date out of it. My friends tell me I should do that more often, haha.

Thank you so much Calvin for telling us your cycling story and for being part of the cyclepunks collective, you’re an epic creator and we’re proud to have you.

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